I Will Be Legend

It's been rumored/threatened for a while, but Warner Bros. and the principal talent are apparently going through with a prequel to the hit post-apocalyptic thriller I AM LEGEND.

The prequel will tell the story that someone out there (probably the accountants) must have wanted, chronicling the days leading up to New York's invasion by hemoglobin-sucking, rubbery-looking CGI mutants. Smith is expected to return to the role of military scientist Robert Neville, because if you can't be prepared for a sudden outbreak of bloodthirsty nocturnal nasties, you'd better be Will Smith.

Francis Lawrence will again direct, despite there being dozens of better things to apply his visual skills and Smith's star power. Writer D.B. Weiss is working on a script. I wonder how it will end?

The original movie, an adaptation of Richard Matheson's vampire story, revolved around the last living person in a Big Apple brimming with hideous man-monsters, the result of a catastrophic worldwide plague.

Extra Tidbit: I guess a sequel with Neville's long-lost twin brother seemed like a bad idea...
Source: Variety



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