Ice Cube as Baracus?

We got the news before the holidays that John Singleton was resurrecting the action-cheese TV series THE A-TEAM for the big screen. Is he bringing one of his boyz (from the Hood) along for the update?

The immediate assumption was that singer-actor Tyrese Gibson would be joining the director once more as the mercenary group's muscular enforcer B.A. Baracus, but now Blackfilm gets the impression that rapper-actor Ice Cube wants to wear the heavy gold, needless weightlifting belt and iconic hairstyle. Even more to the point, it seems as though Mr. Cube has actually discussed the possibility: "They want me to do it if all the business works out right. I was a fan as a kid and that would be, not a dream come true, but it's definitely a good thing to do and I would put it on my resume for sure." Maybe to replace some of the less praiseworthy selections currently occupying his filmography.

The increasingly (and disturbingly) family-friendly former cap-bustin' hip-hop pioneer says he won't do his best Mr. T impersonation but would make it more cubish: "I wouldn't try to duplicate what Mr. T did, but I will have the same impact on you when you were little watching the TV show. I'm going to bring my own flavor to it and I am going to do the mohawk." Interesting to note that a recent draft (which was a bit rubbish) pegged the character as a 22-year-old, so perhaps Singleton will pull down a page-one rewrite whenever the strike ends.
Extra Tidbit: The Cubeless N.W.A. dissed their former member on the 1991 album Niggaz4Life with a track called "Message to B.A."
Source: Blackfilm



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