Ice Cube at it again

Rapper/actor Ice Cube is putting ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS behind him and moving on with his acting career. Lucky for us, his next project is (for now) completely devoid of Mike Epps. Cube has signed on to the Warner Bros. action film TORQUE which can best be described as THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS with motorcycles. Joining him in the cast is Jay Hernandez, remembered for his nude love scenes with Kirsten Dunst in CRAZY/BEAUTIFUL, or as I like to call him The Luckiest Man on the Planet. In the film Cube will play Trey (there's an Ice Cube/Trey joke in there somewhere) the leader of a feared motorcycle gang. Sneers, threats, spin-outs, races and wipe-outs ensue.

In other Cube news, the trailer for his next film, FRIDAY AFTER NEXT, which unfortunately features the return of Mike Epps, has just gone online. The movie doesn't open until this November but New Line is apparently looking to generate buzz early. You can download the new clip in our trailer page.

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