Ice Cube in negotiations with MGM to return for Barbershop 3

I really wish this was an early April Fool's joke. Deadline is reporting MGM is in talks with Ice Cube for BARBERSHOP 3. The studio will start talking to writers soon, and they also hope Cedric the Entertainer and Queen Latifah will return as well for another movie.

While BARBERSHOP and its sequel received solid reviews and were very profitable, the spin-off BEAUTY SHOP starring Queen Latifah didn't do nearly as well at the box office, and critics weren't impressed with the movie. A television series based on the BARBERSHOP films also aired for one season on Showtime in 2005.

Seriously though, do we absolutely need another BARBERSHOP? I know Ice Cube is hot right now with 21 JUMP STREET and RIDE ALONG (and the upcoming sequels to both films), but are there really no other projects he could be working on?

No HELLBOY 3 or DREDD 2, but BARBERSHOP gets a spin-off, a television series, and now a third film? I'm not saying the third movie will be terrible, but there are a ton of sequels to movies plenty of people would love to see, and I'm not sure if BARBERSHOP 3 is one of them.

Maybe I'm wrong though. Are you interested in BARBERSHOP 3?

Source: Deadline



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