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Idris Elba in talks to star in Guy Ritchie's King Arthur movie


Idris Elba, the man fans want to appear in almost every movie franchise, may be on the cusp of joining another one. The Hollywood Reporter says that Elba is currently in talks to star in Guy Ritchie's Camelot re-imagining KNIGHTS OF THE ROUNDTABLE: KING ARTHUR.

Rumored to be the first in a six part franchise, this is the first solid bit of casting news we have heard about the film, along with the new longer title. We also can deduce that this will be an Arthur origin film as Elba would play Bedivere, Arthur's father's right-hand man, who is will teach Arthur how to lead an army.

Ritchie and Elba previously worked together on the film ROCKNROLLA. I wonder what other veterans of Ritchie's films will join the big budget production? We know that Arthur will be played by a younger actor and a possible newcomer. Screen tests are slated to begin in August for the lead role.

There have been several Arthur films and television series in recent years, none of which have been all that great. The Clive Owen/Keira Knightley film was a disappointment and the recent shows MERLIN and CAMELOT have been met with a modicum of excitement. Here's hoping Idris Elba is the first in a long line of names to join this project.

KNIGHTS OF THE ROUNDTABLE: KING ARTHUR is slated to open on July 22, 2016.



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