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If these 5 Dumb and Dumber To clips don't make you laugh, you have no soul


Nobody is going into DUMB AND DUMBER TO expecting to be see a Wes Anderson or Woody Allen movie. We aren't talking about Oscar caliber writing or acting here. DUMB AND DUMBER TO is going to be a disgusting, low brow, and offensively funny movie. I like it a lot!

We have been waiting twenty years to see Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels reprise their roles. Harry Dunn and Lloyd Christmas (not like the holiday, like the tree) be completely stupid in a way only they can. It could be that audiences are not going to gel with this sequel as much as they would have if it came out soon after the original. The crystal meth and Asperger's jokes may feel a little stale, but I still found myself laughing as I watched these two slip back into their characters like no time had passed.

I must caution you though. Even though these clips amount to less than 10 minutes of total time, like a trailer that shows too much, these may lessen the experience of seeing the jokes as they occur on the big screen. So, even if you are a comedy snob or look down on jokes like these, I defy you not to crack even a tiny smile when you watch these. DUMB AND DUMBER TO is going to be dumb, really dumb, but I cannot wait.

DUMB AND DUMBER TO opens on November 14th.

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