IFC wants Che

Benicio Del Toro, CHE A few weeks ago, there were rumors swirling online that eccentric billionaire Mark Cuban and his Magnolia Pictures had bought the rights to Steven Soderbergh's Che Guevara biopic diptych, CHE, but it seems those rumors were a little premature (or just flat out not true) since today IFC Films has acquired the rights to the film.

They'll apparently give the film a one week awards qualifying run in New York and LA in December with a wide theatrical release in January. No word yet on whether they'll release both films, individually titled GUERRILLA and THE ARGENTINE, together a la GRINDHOUSE or separately a la KILL BILL or FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS and LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA. Soderbergh had expressed interest in, at least initially, to have both films play back-to-back so it's possible they'll show the film that way during its one week run in December.

Extra Tidbit: Matt Damon is credited on GUERILLA's IMDB page but his character isn't mentioned. Any guesses?
Source: THR



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