I'm Not There poster

Reaction to Todd Haynes' loopy Bob Dylan biopic I'M NOT THERE has been mixed, with some hating it and others hailing it. Roger Ebert believes it's brilliant, and that's usually enough for me. Since I don't have enough confidence in my opinions, I need someone else's to latch onto, and it's usually his. Either way, my buddy Paul has a speaking role in this film so I'll be seeing it for that alone, and if the rest of the movie sucks, oh well, it'll be worth it to see good ol' Paul on the big screen.

Today Cinematical has obtained the final one-sheet for the movie, and rather than show all six actors who play different versions of Dylan, they choose to include only their names over a silhouette of Cate Blanchett's version, who incidentally is being called the best thing about the movie, turning it yet another Oscar-worthy performance. It also helps that her Dylan is the most iconic mid-sixties version of the self-described "song and dance man." Check out the full poster by clicking the pic, and see Paul out-act Cate, Christian and Heath on November 21st.

Extra Tidbit: Paul plays the bearded Scotsman when Dylan (Blanchett) first goes electric. Show him your love and I'll show you mine.
Source: Cinematical



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