IMAX 3D for Avatar

I don't know what's worse -- that there's still more than a year before AVATAR hits theaters, or that there's such a frustrating lack of available material on the next movie from the guy responsible for TERMINATOR, ALIENS and the still-reigning box office champ.

So we'll chew whatever morsels we can get, such as the new announcement that James Cameron's sci-fi epic will be getting a release in 3-D on the monstrous IMAX screens, along with traditional 3-D theaters. The tech-heavy affair involves a disabled war veteran sent to a distant planet, where humans find themselves at odds with the indigenous lifeforms (CG-crafted performance-capture "synthespians").

Cameron, a longtime tri-dimensional proponent, will deliver the keynote speech at the upcoming 3-D Entertainment Summit in LA. Maybe he'll finally unleash a glimpse at AVATAR, especially since BOLT and MONSTERS vs. ALIENS may not be quite the convincers necessary to get theaters to adopt the pricey stereoscopic gear.

Extra Tidbit: Expect to see 3-D home theater gear being pushed our way in the near future as our tech continues to play catch-up with Japan.
Source: Variety



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