Imhotep is Zartan?

Looks like director Stephen Sommers is bringing back his two-time bald baddie from the MUMMY flicks for a part in the apparently unavoidable live-action G.I. JOE movie.

According to IESB, perennial villain Arnold Vosloo is now part of the expanding ensemble cast, playing the evil chameleon named Zartan. All I remember about the character was that he wore a brown hood and some KISS eye makeup, so let's see what Hasbro has to say about their action figure: "Zartan can alter his skin color at will to blend in with his environment. He is also a master of make-up and disguise, a ventriloquist, a linguist (over 20 languages and dialects), an acrobatic-contortionist and a practitioner of several mystic martial arts." Conveniently, Vosloo himself can turn to sand at will.

The South African actor will be fighting the multinational paramilitary force that will reportedly be led by the just-rumored Channing Tatum. No word yet on whether the Dreadnoks will join in the fray.
Extra Tidbit: Vosloo stepped in for Liam Neeson as the title character in two straight-to-vid DARKMAN sequels.
Source: IESB



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