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In Theaters Friday is a weekly column that provides you with early word on the latest trailers playing in front of the newest movies.

There are only new new wide releases this weekend, one for everyone and one for adult moviegoers. Who am I kidding, we all know that the kids know how to sneak into R-rated movies. What else could explain SUPERBAD and AMERICAN PIE.

In widest release this weekend, THE INCREDIBLE HULK is being billed as a reboot or restart following the not-so loved Ang Lee version. Reviews are similar to before but I think expectations were much lower. Whether that will translate to box office is completely up in the air. Trailers looking for placement include TROPIC THUNDER, HELLBOY II: THE GOLDEN ARMY, THE MUMMY: TOMB OF THE DRAGON EMPEROR, MIRACLE AT ST. ANNA'S, and X-FILES: I WANT TO BELIEVE.

Second up is THE HAPPENING. From M. Night Shyamalan, THE HAPPENING is hoping to scare up money that has mostly been spent on action thus far. Early reviews are middle of the road and leaning on pointing out the heavy-handedness of the project. I don't have advice for Night except to say - come back down to earth. Perhaps you should be directing stuff you didn't write (and rewrite). Maybe team up with your neighbor Kevin Smith to make RED STATE. Trailers looking for placement include b>EAGLE EYE, NIGHTS IN RODANTHE, SWING VOTE, DEFIANCE, X-FILES: I WANT TO BELIEVE, MIRRORS, and BABYLON A.D.

Have a good one and don't get your hopes up about seeing CAPTAIN AMERICA. All of this silly hype will only lead you down a path of disappointment.

Disclaimer: Not every theater plays exactly the same trailers in front of each movie. Your best bet is to call ahead and ask a manager for as much information as possible. We try our hardest to get you the best information, but nothing is guaranteed.

Check back this very column as we update with any late breaking trailer news. Don't hesitate to e-mail me any trailers that you can confirm or deny seeing: [email protected].




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