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Cabin Fever Director's Cut Trailer

Aug. 6, 2003by: Bob Menard


If you ask me what the scariest thing about a horror film is, I will reply with the same answer every time. Atmosphere. There is no better feeling while watching a film then that adrenaline rush that slowly sweeps in as you are being led into a dark corner by all your senses, where you know nothing good can be hiding. But you never know... Sometimes it just leaves you lingering there and sometimes... BAM! Your system is shocked like it just took on 5,000 volts. Damn! Atmosphere is exactly what I\'m looking for when I hit the theatres on September 12 for Eli Roth\'s directorial debut, CABIN FEVER. And if there was ever any doubt about what kind of feel this film is going to have, check out this exclusive Director\'s Cut trailer that FilmForce recently got. Less is more, folks, less is more!

Watch the CABIN FEVER Director\'s Cut Trailer at FilmForce!

If you are looking for a couple of great, heart pounding films with atmosphere to spare, do yourself a favor and check out SESSION 9 with David Caruso and David Twohy\'s submarine flick BELOW. Creepy good fun!
Source: FilmForce
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Latest Movie News Headlines

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