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The official site for SPIDER-MAN 2 has got up a preview of the next trailer set to come out soon. That's right, a preview of a preview. Thanks to AgEnTsMiTh for the heads up. You can also watch the original teaser trailer and a couple of Webisodes promoting the film. Click the image below to go watch.

Superhero Hype has ten new pictures from THE PUNISHER up. Click Tommy Boy below to check them out. Also, has updated itself with a new exclusive promo image from artist Tim Bradstreet. Click the link for a look.

Jennifer Garner has announced to USA Today that she'll be fighting Typhoid Mary in the DAREDEVIL spin-off, ELECTRA. Also known as Mary Walker or Bloody Mary, this crazy bitch has more personalities than Dana Carvey in MOVING. Producer Gary Foster says, "Typhoid Mary is a psychotic. By day she's this normal woman, and at night she loses her mind and drives you into this disease, where you literally get typhoid."

Robert Rodriguez has dug into his SPY KIDS cast and picked Carla Gugino to star as a lesbian parole officer in his big screen adaptation of Frank Miller's SIN CITY. Nice. Mickey Rourke and Bruce Willis have also been mentioned for roles.

Empire Online has some of their magazine interview with BATMAN BEGINS star Christian Bale right here and there's a fan rendition of the Batman costume based on eye witness accounts right here.

Superhero Hype has scored the first look of Jamie Kennedy as THE MASK in the form of a grainy magazine scan right here.

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