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If all goes according to Hoyle, the most recent revamp, version 7.0 (see previous incarnations below), will be right here, next week at this time. For those who are worried that things will be dramatically different...worry not, as the greatest differences will be on the "back-end", allowing us to run the site more efficiently (i.e. provide you with more updates, quicker, faster, easier). Yes, the front-end (what you're looking at right now) will also be receiving a pretty cool face-lift, but on the whole, the format (navigation at top, news headlines on the left, stories in the middle, etc...) will remain the same.

The rest of the site will likely surprise you a little more, as every other section of the site will belong to the same family as the front page, allowing for a more cohesive and interrelated experience for anyone surfing around the many various parts of the site. One major change that will be taking place next Monday as well, will be the latest incarnation of of our kickass horror site, Arrow in the Head, which will be churning things up to a whole other's way, way cool.

The site will also be integrating a whole lot of cooler additions including greater interactivity and search abilities which will allow our visitors to vote on certain upcoming movies automatically, join JoBlo's Movie Club, search our massive archives by author, date, genre, ratings, etc... and become a more active part of our movie fan community (a future section will also allow independent filmmakers to feature their projects on our site). We'll also be adding some neat "bells 'n whistles", which along with the site's stronger emphasis on continuity, will hopefully re-affirm our entire team's dedication to being the best all-around movie fansite on the Internet.

And once again, I say...don't worry, folks...there won't be any apocalyptic changes that will scare you fact, I truly believe that once you get used to the new set-up, you'll wonder how we ever got along without it. And, oh yeah...within a week or two after that, we will be petitioning for even more people to help us supervise the many sections of the new site. Until then, a BIG-ASS thank you to everyone who has been working on this massive project over the past six months, as well as the many people who applied for the data entry gigs a while back and who have been banging away at that, for the past two weeks. We're almost there....I can't wait.

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