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Don't get me wrong...I'm still quite stoked about the release of the highly-anticipated BATMAN BEGINS in 2005, but as opposed to a few months ago, it has moved down as my second most anticipated flick of next year, right after SIN CITY. I don't know, the latter film just seems to have created such a greater buzz about itself, with cool posters coming out, an excellent video piece with plenty of cool shots from the film, as well as the addition of Jessica Alba (well, maybe that last one is just a personal thing).

Whatever the case, BATMAN BEGINS started with a bang earlier this year with all of the casting news, Christopher Nolan, etc... but has since started to fizzle in "buzz" with an unimpressive presentation at the San Diego Comic Con where star Christian Bale almost chewed everyone up in the audience and barely spit them out (I love the guy, but he was a little "too intense" that day). A so-so teaser trailer and a ton of pictures from the official site, which honestly...are pretty boring so far, especially when you consider the film's kick-arse cast!

Anyway, hopefully this is only the beginning of the beginning and we can expect a lot more coolness to come in the coming months. For now, click here for the last three pictures that we presented on the site, or click any of the respective pics below for bigger versions of Cillian Murphy (who plays Scarecrow in the film), Katie Holmes (who plays Katie Holmes in the film) and Rutger Hauer (who will apparently be running around in underwear near the end of the picture and howling like a wolf-- how very odd). Enjoy. Thanks to 'Rahul' for the head's up.


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