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2006 movie previews!


Granted, we only have about 50 movie previews punched into our 2006 UPCOMING MOVIE PREVIEWS section, but it's never too early to start catching up on your favorite upcoming flicks including a ton of sequels like DIE HARD 4.0, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 2, X-MEN 3, SUPERMAN RETURNS, FINAL DESTINATION 3, JURASSIC PARK 4 and plenty of others.

We've also got a bunch of hip directors putting their feet back in the water as David Fincher prepares to take on ZODIAC, Quentin Tarantino teases us with INGLORIOUS BASTARDS, Kevin Smith might hit the floor running with THE PASSION OF THE CLERKS (and maybe even FLETCH WON?), M. Night Shyamalan takes another shot with LADY IN THE WATER, Steven Soderbergh tries his luck on CHE, and John Woo attempts to regain his coolness with SPY HUNTER (UPDATE: Thanks to a few of our astute readers, it's to note that Mr. Woo is no longer attached to this project. I guess he's not that cool after all).

Of course, the year is also filled with movies that seem solely alive in order to generate supposed revenues for the studios in question including an unnecessary BASIC INSTINCT 2, a ridiculous THE SANTA CLAUSE 3, an even more ridiculous GLADIATOR 2 and shit like SCARY MOVIE 4 (like SCARY MOVIE 3 wasn't bad enough?).

Anyway, those are just a few of the films already slated for release in 2006, but there are a handful of others, all of which you can check out by clicking HERE or on the link below. As per usual, please take the time to VOTE for your favorites (no need to register to vote) and keep checking in to our UPCOMING MOVIES section, as we are always updating it with more movies and info. And oh yeah, we most recently added some COUNTERS below each film title, so that you can see how many days are left to the film's release. Pretty exciting, eh? :)




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