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Industrial Light and Magic shows how the climactic battle scene in The Avengers came together


Maybe you have heard of a little movie called THE AVENGERS. I know, it was kind of an obscure release that only played in art house theaters. But, if you were lucky enough to see this intimate character film, you were probably impressed by the closing battle scene in the film.

The wizards responsible for this sequence were the folks over at Industrial Light and Magic and they have released a very cool little featurette showing how this scene came together. Now, I am fully aware that movies like THE AVENGERS require copious amounts of special effects, but seeing this scene broken down shows just how special these effects can be.

Take the four separate scenes and the massive amounts of technology that made this look like it was done using film, cameras, and some stunts and you find that there was a lot more at play behind the scenes. This little clip alone gives me a deep respect for the folks over at ILM. Bravo.

Source: IndieWire



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