Indy 4 clarification

To clarify reports that had Steven Spielberg claiming a fourth INDIANA JONES picture would be his next after CATCH ME IF YOU CAN, E! Online contacted the director's spokesperson.  Here's an excerpt from the article which you can read in full here:

They have a story for an Indy 4, which George Lucas, Harrison and Steven have been working toward," spokesman Marvin Levy tells E! Online, but he insists, "They don't have a script." Furthermore, Levy says Spielberg hasn't set his schedule yet. "It's not his next picture. We don't know what his next picture's going to be. Right now, Steven's been described as being in development heaven. They do have a story they like and they have title, but it's not been revealed."

In addition, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed on Tuesday that Spielberg had officially left his capacity as director aboard MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA.  He is still attached to produce and a new director is expected to be announced within the next month.

Source: E! Online
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