Indy 4 confirmed!

Here it is folks - the news you've been waiting for. After rumors started swirling this past weekend that INDIANA JONES 4 was - again - a go, we've got confirmation this morning via Variety. INDIANA JONES 4 has officially been greenlit and will start filming in June! Here's a quick recap of what we know:

- No title or plot announced yet;
- David Koepp will be credited with the shooting script;
- No word yet on release but a summer 2008 date is likely;
- Sez Harrison Ford: "I'm delighted to be back in business with my old friends. I don't know if the pants still fit, but I know the hat will.";
- Sez Spielbergo: "We feel that the script was well worth the wait. We hope it delivers everything you'd expect from our history with Indiana Jones.";
- Sez me: "Fuck yeah!"

So all in all pretty great news. Sure there are the Debbie Downers out there who will complain that this film will tarnish the legacy, Ford is too old, Lucas sucks, etc., blahblahblah, but I'm not buying any of that. This cynical heart is legitimately pumped and officially has reason to get out of bed every day for the next year and a half. Let the casting rumors begin! Bea Arthur as his mother? Richard Mulligan replacing Sean Connery? Emmanuel Lewis? Mr. T? Those Segal twins from "Double Trouble"?? Why am I only casting 80s TV mainstays? I don't know?! I'm delirious with excitement!

Source: Variety



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