Indy 4 mistake ridden

Clearly, audiences were quite keen to see Dr. Jones kick some Russian ass in the currently playing INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL or they may have spotted the 48 (and counting) mistakes that the cool peeps at MovieMistakes.com have picked up, making it the most mistake ridden film of 2008 so far. Check it:

Visible crew/equipment: When the female Russian is climbing down the cliff you are able to see for a brief second the cable from the harness holding her up right next to the rope on which she is climbing down.

Continuity: When Mutt slams his fist on the table in the Diner the Ketchup and Mustard bottles fall over, the shot pans to Indiana's back and the bottles are standing up again, he tells Mutt to sit down, the camera pans back to Mutts back and the bottles are as they were after Mutt slammed the table and Indiana picks them both up.

Factual error: The movie supposedly is taking place in 1957, yet the motorcycle that Mutt rides is based on a 2000 or newer Harley Davidson softail, showing the modern day controls and Twin Cam motor, instead of the panhead motor that would have been the period correct engine of 1957.

Check out the rest over HERE.

Extra Tidbit: IRON MAN is second with only 15 mistakes.
Source: Movie Mistakes



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