Indy 4 set footage!

It's only been filming for a couple of days but we already have the first footage from INDIANA JONES 4 online!! It's Spielberg! It's Lucas! It's....actually it's kinda boring. I want to be enthusiastic about everything INDY 4 that comes down the pike but there's just not much here to get excited about. A champagne toast, Spielberg looking in a camera and George Lucas wearing TOP GUN shades. That's about it. But there is a silver lining to every cloud and what I'm happy about when I see this is that filming is only a few days old and IndianaJones.com has been updated regularly with pics and video. That makes me optimistic that throughout the production they'll be keeping that site fresh. So while this first video wasn't exactly gangbusters, sooner or later we'll be seeing some cool stuff. For now, head over to the official INDIANA JONES site to check out the video for yourself.

Extra Tidbit: Get ready for a big INDIANA JONES promotion at Comic-Con this year. Perhaps a big title reveal?...



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