Indy feeling Blu?

There's been a metric shitload of recent moving and shaking in regards to the whole HD "format war", which already seems to have Blu-Ray being declared the victor.

If there's any validity to this rumor, it would be just one more whip-crack to the ass of HD-DVD. From the CES show currently taking place in Vegas comes word that INDIANA JONES AND TEH THING WITH TEH KOOKY SKULLS is already being prepped for a Blu release. You can make your own black-and-Blu jokes about Ford's age -- I actually, almost inconceivably, am starting to look forward to the movie, despite the presence of Shia's questionable facial scruff.

Spielberg's flicks aren't covered by Paramount's (apparently no longer) exclusive HD-DVD deal, so the flick will reportedly be hitting the seemingly preferred format later in the year... probably just in time for Christmas. The disc will be certified for THX (wasn't Spielberg a major DTS audio guy?), along with Lionsgate's Blu release for TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY. Looks like that PS3 was a worthwhile purchase after all (for something other than UNCHARTED, anyway).
Extra Tidbit: LucasArts is working on a next-gen INDIANA JONES videogame, which could potentially be conveniently finished in time for the movie's Blu release.
Source: Blu-Ray.com



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