Indy's new dame is...

Cate Blanchett!! Steven Spielberg has set the Oscar winner to star alongside Harrison Ford in the upcoming fourth installment of the INDIANA JONES franchise. It was not confirmed what role exactly Blanchett would be playing but it's the same foil/love interest role played previously by Karen Allen, Kate Capeshaw and Alison Doody (tee-hee). Shia LeBeouf had also been rumored to be joining the cast as Indy's son but that deal has yet to be consumated. So this is really happening, huh?! I gotta say Blanchett is a perfect choice for an Indiana Jones girl. I'm still curious if any of the previous women in Indy's life will return, especially if the guy's got a son. Who's the mom? Blanchett will wrap up filming on THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON before working on INDIANA, which begins filming this June. Paramount has set a May 22, 2008 worldwide release date for the film. Now hopefully we'll get ourselves some scoopage on the biggest INDIANA JONES news - the title - sometime real soon!

Extra Tidbit: Blanchett will also be lending her voice to Wes Anderson's animated THE FANTASTIC MR. FOX.



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