Inglorious Bastards now?

Defying all of the odds, apparently, Quentin Tarantino is going to start preproduction on INGLORIOUS BASTARDS as soon as possible. Possibly right now. Probably as we speak:

[At this] weekend’s Rolling Roadshow “Leone Edition” in Almeria, Spain, Quentin was said to attend and introduce The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, but according to the organizers, he has in fact “cancelled and will not be introducing the shows. He has cleared all appearances to begin preproduction on his new feature, INGLORIOUS BASTARDS."

I guess that if true, that is a pretty strong statement that the film is really happening now. There's still time for him to decide that there are more pressing matters, like THE VEGA BROTHERS, or another exploitation flick, or a major cocaine bender, but yeah, it looks like we can start getting excited. So, ready? Go! Be excited!
Extra Tidbit: I don't think I've ever ranted about anything here, but here comes my first: why is every halfway violent film compared to Tarantino's work? I'm looking at my copy of A BITTERSWEET LIFE, and it says on the cover "makes Tarantino look like a rank amateur". What the hell does this film have to do with Tarantino? It's the same with stuff like THE BOONDOCK SAINTS or OLDBOY; I see it all the time and it grinds my gears. Is that just me?



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