Inglorious seeks home

After talking about it for close to a decade, Quentin Tarantino is finally getting into gear on his WWII "guys on a mission" movie INGLORIOUS BASTARDS. He recently put the finishing touches on the script, which is now... out to studios?

Yep, Deadline Hollywood says that QT's screenplay is now making the rounds at the Hollywood majors in search of financing. Longtime Tarantino cohorts Harvey Weinstein and Lawrence Bender will reportedly still produce, but the budget will be coming from a studio -- Universal, Sony, WB and Paramount are currently peering down the barrel of QT's M1 Garand to see if they want to pull the trigger.

This poses an interesting situation: how would a studio other than Weinstein feel about putting vast stacks of cash behind Tarantino, who tends to have less focus than the waiting list for LASIK? Well, an A-list star or two getting involved would indeed make the project more palatable -- like, say... Brad Pitt, who is already rumored to be in talks.

That said, we probably shouldn't expect a three-and-a-half hour epic (split in two or otherwise) with 20-minute scenes where the soldiers endlessly discuss the song on the radio or who's responsible for getting cigarettes. More info/rumors as we get it, but feel free to speculate.

UPDATE: Variety tells us why the Weinstein Co. might not be bankrolling BASTARDS (or NINE) themselves.
Extra Tidbit: Those expecting the original 1978 INGLORIOUS BASTARDS to be some kind of fantastic hidden gem may want to prepare for disappointment.
Source: Nikki Finke



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