Inside Man 2...still?

Quite frankly I thought that INSIDE MAN 2 was one of those projects that would just never get made and, quite frankly, I was fine with that. The first one was okay but it never screamed out sequel to me. But a script was written by Russell Gerwitz and the cast and Spike Lee looked set to return. Though things clearly have not progressed very quickly, Spike told MTV that things are still progressing. He says Gerwitz's script, which involved a NYC diamond heist, has been ditched and Terry George (HOTEL RWANDA) is working on a new draft. He says that if the script is up to snuff, filming will begin later this summer. If not...well the project could head back to development hell where it rightfully belongs. Aren't Clive Owen, Denzel Washington, Jodie Foster and Spike Lee all talented enough to move onto something new without INSIDE MAN 2? Am I being too hard on this movie? Check out Spike's interview with MTV here to find out more...

Extra Tidbit: Jodie Foster filmed her role in the movie in three days.
Source: MTV



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