Insurance vs Ledger

The insurance company that held a $10 million life insurance policy on late actor Heath Ledger has not yet paid out because the company believes the his death was "suspicious" and warrants further investigation. If the company deems his death a suicide, the policy will be invalid and his daughter will get nothing. Among other things, the company intends to depose Mary Kate Olsen and several of Ledger's friends and doctors. Insurance specialist lawyer William Shernoff said:

"ReliaStar want to investigate the possibility of suicide, and we think that is inappropriate because the coroner's report and all the official reports say it was accidental"

"It is distressing for everybody. The insurance company wants to spend months, if not years, investigating this so they can hold on to their money."

So basically little Matilda not only gets to grow up without her father, but she'll also have the joy of being dicked around by an insurance company and possibly not seeing the $10 million dollars she is rightfully owed. Many in the profession are calling the whole thing 'the gift that keeps on giving'. Way to go guys. We tried to reach ReliaStar for a comment but between their drop-kicking orphans and playing touch football with the devil there really wasn't time.
Extra Tidbit: This is just hideous.
Source: Yahoo



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