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International trailer for Zoolander 2 displays the buoyancy of Penelope Cruz


Derek Zoolander is back! Okay, so it took fifteen years to get here, but still, he's back! Ben Stiller returns to the titular role, along with his really, really ridiculously good-looking co-star Owen Wilson as Hansel, the second half of the male-model duo that will once again team up to save the world from fashion nightmare of Will Ferrell's Mugatu and new villain Alexanya Atoz, as played by Kristen Wiig. Also bringing her assets to the table is Penelope Cruz, who puts her wares on display in this new international trailer for the film. Hold on tight. Y'know, for buoyancy.

I know that many folks have (reasonable) doubts that this could be another case of DUMB AND DUMBER TO (aka too little too late), but I have faith in Stiller with this one. The trailers thus far (including this one) show that everyone has been able to recapture the spirit of their original characters and, ironically enough, don't seem to have hardly aged at all. It feels like everyone is cutting loose and having some genuine creative fun with the sequel (much like the original), so I'm fully onboard at this point. Plus, the guest stars, including Olivia Munn, Benedict Cumberbatch, Ariana Grande, Justin Beiber, Fred Armisen, Kanye West, and Demi Lovato should make for some good fun. Plus, Christine Taylor and Billy Zane are back as well, so all is good in the Zoolander-verse.

ZOOLANDER 2 struts into theaters on February 12, 2016.

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