Interview: 21 Jump Street star Ice Cube!

In a movie filled with uproarious moments and very funny people, it's especially enjoyable to see Ice Cube steal every scene he's present for in 21 JUMP STREET. The quotability factor for Cpt. Dickson is off the charts, yes, but there's something about the fact that the man who many in my generation remember hollering "F*ck Tha Police!" is now playing a police captain - one whose duty it is to supervise misfit cops, no less. Plus, Cube's introduction in 21 JUMP STREET is so amazingly profane and perfectly executed that there's no doubt it's destined to be a YouTube classic. (A compliment, I might add.)

In my interview with Ice Cube, I found him to be a quiet, thoughtful and charming guy. Easygoing. I've never used the word "motherf*cker" in a celebrity's presence before, but Cube made it seem okay. In addition, I asked him if he ever thought he'd be playing an authority figure, what his initial thoughts on doing 21 JUMP STREET were and what the status on the next FRIDAY film is. (You know you want it...and he wants it too!)

"I always say Hollywood has been conspiring for 20 years to get me and Ice-T to play cops."

Source: JoBlo.com



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