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Interview: 21 Jump Street star Rob Riggle!


Rob Riggle is everywhere. He's on television ("30 Rock," "Happy Endings," "Funny or Die Presents"), he's in movies (THE OTHER GUYS, STEP BROTHERS, THE HANGOVER), and his voice is featured in several animated series and movies ("American Dad," "DR SEUSS' THE LORAX and the upcoming TO HELL AND BACK).

Right now, one of the many things Mr. Riggle is in is 21 JUMP STREET, in which he plays Mr. Walters, a gym coach with a few strange habits (that won't be spoiled by me). Even though he's recognizable for playing loud-mouths and jerks, Riggle is a pleasant, good-natured guy who was happy to have a chat about the resurrection of 21 JUMP STREET and how he fits in. Of course, I also had to bring up the fact that he's conquered every possible medium, so what else does Rob Riggle have up his sleeve?

"This is an awesome script. I wanna be a part of this."

Source: JoBlo.com



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