Interview: American Reunion Stars Eugene Levy and Jennifer Coolidge

Out of the entire AMERICAN REUNION cast, it was the most exciting to meet a couple of pros like Jennifer Coolidge and Eugene Levy. The two actors are incredibly funny and each has had a very successful and incredibly impressive career. The two actors are so talented that they have made “Stifler’s mom” and “Jim’s dad” possibly the most iconic roles in the entire franchise.

When I sat down to speak to the two, I had to talk about one particular scene in the film. Not to give anything away, but it was fantastic to see these actors together as these great characters. Ms. Coolidge also mentioned how playing the role has helped her social life! Both Coolidge and Levy really bring a little bit of class to this successful franchise.

AMERICAN REUNION starts Friday at a theatre near you.

“ I went through a breakup and barely noticed because I was Stifler’s mom and I kept getting asked out on dates…”

Extra Tidbit: Which actress is your favorite MILF?
Source: JoBlo.com



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