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INT: Amy Smart

Sep. 5, 2006by: JoBlo

Known mostly for playing girl next door roles in films like ROAD TRIP and JUST FRIENDS, Amy Smart is expanding her horizons with her latest film, CRANK. She plays Eve, a girl willing to do almost anything to help out a hitman boyfriend (played by Jason Statham) who needs to keep his adrenaline up in order to avoid succumbing to a particularly lethal Chinese poison. She even resorts to having sex with him in the middle of L.A. s Chinatown . Now thats what I call love.

Amy Smart stopped by the Sofitel in Beverly Hills recently to talk about CRANK. Check it out.

Amy Smart

You play a bit of a bimbo in this film.

To me, Eve wasnt a bimbo. She definitely functioned in her own world and was nave to the fact that he was a hitman. Shes intelligent in other ways. In a way, shes completely dangerous to him because shes nave to the fact that he could die at any moment. And shes thinking that he could be on drugs or something or just in a weird mood.

I think Eve is incredibly necessary to this film. She brings a humanity to Jasons character, where you might not feel for him had he not shown his heart for this woman. And so I think shes important in that way. In a weird way shes also the audiences point of view. Shes kind of witnessing whats going on from a more normal standpoint. And also comedic I think its fun to have a film like this to have comedy to break it up and intensify it.

I just enjoyed playing this character and I just wanted to bring out a kind of quirky, individual personality as much as I could within the structure of this piece. Because it definitely is like a video game, with this high-impact, rollercoaster ride of a film thats also funny and full of energy. I just saw her character as really funny and fun and great and smart in her own way and she just goes along for the ride.

Can you talk about how you and Jason Statham gelled together?

Jason is an amazing actor and a great guy to work with. He really made me feel comfortable with all the stunts. Hes obviously a veteran in this kind of movie, where you have a lot of action and you have to be very athletic. For me it was one of the first times Ive done this type of movie. And thats also why I did it on top ofId did like the character Eve. I love his English sensibility very down to earth, really real and funny. Very charismatic. I really liked working with him.

How did you establish your comedic rapport with Jason?

I didnt realize what a funny guy he was until we started working together. And then off-screen hes so funny. I think what makes her funny is and this is all because Im talking about it all in the third person I think Eve is very unaware of danger. Yet she lives on the edge, loving how spontaneous her boyfriend is. But I really think that even though its exciting and an adrenaline rush, she really doesnt feel the danger aspect of it.

In what ways is Jason funny?

First of all, he has the best vocabulary words. Maybe its being raised in London or the way he was brought up, but the way he can describe something is just so funny. I cant quote him at this point, but he just has a way of using his words to justyou would never think to use those words. And he uses them and its just so funny. To me he feels like real kinda underdog guy. He wasnt raised in acting where he went to all these professional schools and did theater and lalalala. He really has a lot of life experience and thats what he brings to his roles. And I appreciate that because in acting we want to relate to people who experience life. Thats what he brings, this real raw kind of feeling. And hes just a lovely, wonderful person.

What was the audition like?

In the audition I had two scenes: the scene where Im getting frustrated with the microwave and he comes in and we need to leave; and the other scene was the scene in Chinatown (where she and Jasons character have sex in public). I had to do that for the audition. Which definitely was the kinda scene where you have to just throw yourself into it. You have to just get completely out of your head or you know youre just gonna make a complete fool of yourself. So I went for it. It was nine in the morning callbacks. I went in for it, the first person. They brought in a great actor to work with me to do the scene with. And thats what I think won me the role the whole Chinatown scene. Just being able to go for it and knowing that its going to be around hundreds of people. (laughs)

What was your reaction when you first read the Chinatown scene?

I was definitely going over it thinking, Oh my god, they want me to do this in the audition? Let alone the scene in person for the film. And then of course theres all these male directors and producers and I was like, Oh god. Theyre gonna get off on this one. (laughs) But it was more of a comedic scene in a way. I just had fun.

Whats it like working with directors who shoot on digital?

Well, what I really liked about working on this film was that they were both DPs before this and that they were shooting the film. There was a more intimate feel, knowing that they were behind the camera, involved as directors. I really respected their opinion, the way they saw the scene and what their thoughts were. To know that they were right there with us, as opposed to yards away watching it in the video village, it felt like a much more intimate way of directing, which I liked.

Where do you see your career going?

I cant predict my career. I dont know if anyone can ever predict their career. I do know that within the last year I made a significant change to kind of want to move more into my womanhood and to play characters that challenge me, that I felt I hadnt played before, characters that are interesting and strong and are not the girl next door. Ive played that and Im glad Ive played that because its kind of gotten me where I am now, but at this point Im done with it.

How do you stay humble?

I think you stay humble with gratitude. You dont lose sight of what really matters in life, because if you do it will just get pulled away from you, I think. I think everyone has an inner gauge of happiness, of what feels right and what doesnt feel right. You can manifest things that you really want in life, if you get out of your own way. Thats what Im working out.

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