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The last time I saw Amy Smart, she was paired up with Ashton Kutcher in roundtable interviews for the thriller THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT. Journalists were so interested in peppering Ashton with questions about Demi that poor Amy pretty much faded into the background. This week she faces decidedly greener pastures starring alongside Ryan Reynolds in the comedy JUST FRIENDS. I got a chance to talk to her last week about her experience making the film. She was really sweet and seemed genuinely interested in me. I know I’m just a loser journalist, but maybe I have a chance…

Amy Smart

So have you put a lot of guys in the “friend zone”?

I’ve had it both ways. I’ve been in the friend zone, which is not as fun. (laughs) And it’s terrible – the more you want someone, the less likely it is to happen. And I’ve had to tell friends that I just wanted to be friends. I think it’s important to be as honest as you can from the get-go, but it’s never an easy conversation.

Is there any way to get OUT of the friend zone?

I can just tell you what I think is really attractive about guys. I think confidence is – genuine confidence in who you are. I think a good sense of humor is really important. To me, a pet peeve is: if you think you’re better than anyone – yuck. Some people can be really arrogant and I don’t like that.

What was it like working with Ryan Reynolds?

I think he’s really, really smart. He’s a good business guy. He’s really creative with his character. I think he has a great sense of humor and I find him to be a really genuine person.

He’s really on top of his career. He’s smart; he’s making good moves. He’s really in touch with what’s going on in the business. I think he’ll always be working. His success is just building now.

What was your reaction when you first saw him in the fat suit?

Honestly, it was so much fun! Our first day shooting was the bedroom scene, where we come running in and then Chris Klein enters with his pocked face and stringy hair. It was the best first day of work I’ve ever had. And Ryan Reynolds in the fat suit is the funniest thing ever. It’s like his whole persona changed. It’s just like he’s this mushy teddy bear, trying to find funny things to do with his three chins and his body and the way he carries himself. He was sweating in that thing, by the way. He had to wear these cold packs underneath his suit.

And working with Chris Klein?

He’s really funny, too. And I’m so happy for him because he’s never really had this kind of character before. He’s so funny, in a really dark way, which is great.

Has a guy ever written a song for you?

No. I want a song!

What about a mix tape?

Yeah. It had like Seal on it. (laughs)

You’ve always looked so great. What’s your secret?

I don’t eat. (laughs) I’m kidding. I like eating healthy and I work out a couple times a week. I do some yoga. I try to change it up. But I also enjoy food. I’m not a big diet person. I just enjoy eating healthy because I like feeling good. But I don’t have any tricks of the trade. Just for the next month I’ve cut out wheat, which is like, “Whoa,” a big deal.

Are you doing that for a role?

I’m working on this film called CRANK right now.

I laugh hysterically>

It’s not a drug movie! It sounds like one. But I’m working with Jason Statham. He plays this guy who’s a hitman and he’s been shot up with Chinese poison. Through the whole movie, in order to keep alive he has to keep his adrenaline up. It’s kind of like the movie SPEED but in a body. And he tries everything. Everything – grotesque, whatever it is – to keep himself alive. And I’m his girlfriend that’s just in her own world. But I have this scene where I get into a little bra and panties kind of thing, so I’m like, “Yeah, I’m gonna try cutting wheat out for a month.” (laughs)

What’s your opinion of The Notebook?

I really liked it. I cried like three times. (laughs) I liked the story and I liked Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. They were making fun of it (in Just Friends) because it’s more of a girly movie. But it’s not, because I know many men who have liked that movie and they’re not all gay. (laughs)

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