INT: Ang Lee

Ang Lee is the kind of director that has made a movie for almost everybody. He’s made THE HULK for the comic book generation, he’s made BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, SENSE AND SENSIBILITY, and my personal favorite, THE ICE STORM. He has had a varied career which earned him a Best Director for BROKEBACK at the 2005 Academy Awards, although the film failed to capture the coveted Best Picture. Still, he has been nominated and won several other awards for his work and he is one of the most respected directors in Hollywood today. Now, he makes another controversial move with the NC-17 rated, LUST, CAUTION, a espionage love story of sorts with a wonderful debut performance by Wei Tang.

When I sat down with Mr. Lee at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, I found him to be a very kind man. He seemed to be very open and spoke about the trials of finding the right girl for LUST, CAUTION. He discussed the film and other things including the role of actor to activist. It was an interesting few minutes and I could have easily talked to the guy all day. LUST, CAUTION is now playing in select theatres and if you are a fan of his work, you should definitely seek it out.

Source: JoBlo.com



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