INT: Angelica Huston

I can't think of many in Hollywood that can even come close to Angelica Huston. Her father, the legendary John Huston seemed to have passed on his talent to this great and fascinating actress. She had worked often early on, but it was her Academy Award winning role in PRIZZI'S HONOR that really started her eclectic career. To just name a few of her films would be ridiculous since she has appeared in so many wonderful roles. But for me, it was THE GRIFTERS that really remains embedded in my movie loving memory. This Oscar nominated performance was wicked and challenging and quite frankly, brilliant. And now, she returns to play another flawed mother in CHOKE. While the film may not be the kind that will be collecting award nominations, I have a sneaking suspicion she may well get a few notices for rich portrayal of Ida Mancini.

I walked in to talk with her and I was smitten. I felt giddy and frankly, a little star struck which rarely happens. She is a part of Hollywood royalty, yet she has such grace and a sweet nature about her. When I sat across from her, I didn't feel at all like she had the diva attitude she could have. Far from it. A lovely and talented actress who once again gives an award worthy performance. You can find out just how good she is this Friday, when CHOKE opens in limited release.

Source: JoBlo.com



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