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I love Anna Faris. She is stunningly beautiful and is a damn fine actress. Her work in SMILEY FACE and the SCARY MOVIE franchise has offered her a chance to show how well she can take on comedy. But she has also had the opportunity to take on a few more serious films including a small but memorable roles in LOST IN TRANSLATION and BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, and of course one of my favorites, MAY. She returns this summer to try and gather a few laughs in THE HOUSE BUNNY. While I didn't quite like the film, it really wasn't made for a guy like me, I think it is the type of film that will appeal to pre-teen girls. Sure, Anna looks incredible, but the "be yourself' message felt a bit too Hannah Montana for me. Yet I still appreciated the work of Ms. Faris, and she even made me smile a few times as a Playboy Bunny ousted from Hugh's mansion.

Hey, did I mention I love Anna Faris? Well when I sat down to talk one on one with her I quickly was reminded why. She really is absolutely charming and incredibly easy to talk to. It is not everyday you get to talk with somebody about SORORITY BABES IN THE SLIMEBALL BOWL-O-RAMA. But Anna went along for the ride and had fun with it. It is great to see her in another starring role, even if the film didn't work for me, I think that more people will see what she can do. It's refreshing to see such an attractive woman willing to go all out for a role. And this Friday you can check out THE HOUSE BUNNY at a theatre near you.

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