INT: Biggs/Sloane

When I think Jason Biggs, I’m sorry, but AMERICAN PIE comes to mind. Yet he has appeared in several other motion pictures including EIGHT BELOW, LOSER and PROZAC NATION just to name a few. As for Lindsay Sloane, I wasn’t terribly familiar with her until I saw OVER HER DEAD BODY but you may have seen her in “The Stones” or “Going To California” plus a number of other film and television roles.

When I sat down with Jason and Lindsay at the Casa del Mar in Santa Monica, I got closer to Mr. Biggs than I ever thought I would. With several hugs and a couple of high fives, I realized why someone mentioned that these two had the party room. They were having a great time talking about OVER HER DEAD BODY and it was infectious. I really enjoyed hanging with these two very nice and funny peeps. Although I will warn you… there is a SPOILER ALERT regarding Jason’s character so be warned. And OVER HER DEAD BODY opens this Friday for all of you needing a Jason and Lindsay fix.

Source: JoBlo.com



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