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Interview: Bruce Willis and Karl Urban talk RED!


Bruce Willis can be a tough interview, as you may have seen earlier this week. This is the second time I've interviewed him (after COP OUT) and each time you get a lot of bleary-eyed journalists walking out of his room covered in flop sweat. And this time the air conditioning was broken making it even more heated.

And I don't know why this is, but Willis always has been cool with me. This is not to say I'm such a fantastic interviewer, I put people at ease (see: Morgan Freeman) but before they started rolling, we were bullshitting about football (it was a Sunday so I was recapping him on scores) and at the end when my time was up, he was even generous enough to ask me to stick around for one more question.

RED hits theaters today and you can check out our interview with Willis and Karl Urban below!

Source: JoBlo.com



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