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INT: Casey Affleck

Oct. 17, 2007by:

If Casey Affleck doesnt get an Academy Award nomination this year for his wonderful work in THE ASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES BY THE COWARD ROBERT FORD or of course, his work in GONE BABY GONE I will be shocked and annoyed. Hes done good work in his earlier films including LONESOME JIM and THE LAST KISS, but this year has really proven to be a strong one for him. Yes, hes had small parts in AMERICAN PIE, and hes actually quite funny in OCEANS ELEVEN, TWELVE and THIRTEEN. But JESSE JAMES and GONE are going to lead his career into an entirely knew direction.

I sat down with Casey at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. I congratulated him on his work in JESSE JAMES and he seemed generally happy that someone dug it. Its too bad more people arent checking it out. But I hope people will find themselves in the theatre to see his work in the latest film, directed by brother Ben. He spoke about choices his character made and how he would react in the same situation. I really had a terrific time talking to him and am looking forward to see where he goes from here.



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