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Well what can you say about Cher really. She's just Cher. Dressed exactly like how you'd expect Cher to dressed and answering questions exactly like how you'd expect, she certainly didn't disappoint. She's quite a character that's for sure. It's amazing someone didn't think sooner to use Cher as a character in a film before the Farrelly's thought of the idea for STUCK ON YOU. So without further ado...here's Cher:

What did it take for you to star in a Farrelly Brothers film? Did they have to twist your arm or were you really up for it? I love their work but I didn’t think I was going to be playing me. They didn’t have to twist my arm. They just lied to me. On the script, it just said “actress.” Then later, they said, “Oh you know what would be so great? It’d be great if you played yourself. That would be much more fun.” So was playing yourself what convinced you to do it? Before we got there, I was just a nervous wreck. But once we got there, and I started doing it, I just said, “Let’s just go for it. Let’s just do everything we do.” How was it poking fun at yourself and your image? Once I got there, it was a lot of fun.

How much input did you have? Did you come up with suggestions to make things funnier or more outrageous about yourself? One of the big things they did for me was that they let me rewrite some of the things because I said I have such a special way of speaking. You can’t just tie me down to the script because some of the words are not words that I would use, you know? Or that of my evil twin Cher. They were great about that. Have you seen the movie yet? No. I don’t really much care to look back [at movies]. Nor do I look or listen to anything. By the time I finish an album, I’ve worked on it for, I’ve heard every song like a zillion times and don’t particularly like the sound of my voice anyway. So I like to sing, I just don’t want to listen to it and with movies, sometimes I see them once and never look at them again, and sometimes I see them in a couple of years. What do you think the biggest misconception about you is? I don’t know. What do you think? The whole diva thing? The whole younger man thing? Well that’s not a misconception. But the diva thing is just ridiculous. I don’t like it but it makes me laugh. If I didn’t think it was so full of shit, I’d laugh. Speaking of younger men, can you tell us about your scene with Frankie Muniz? I had never seen him. I don’t watch TV. I heard his name and I knew he was famous but I had no idea what he looked like. When he jumped into that bed, I almost passed out. He looks like he’s eight years old! The first thing I said was, “Am I going to get in trouble for this?” I looked at him and said, “Does your mom know you’re doing this?” He said, “Well she’s right over there.”

You’re currently doing your farewell tour, but can you really put away that part of your life? Well I hope I’ll be doing a million other things. There are a million other things I want to do. There’s this movie that I want to direct that I always wanted to do. I’m going to be doing another movie called IN THE PINK. I’d love to sing old standards at Carnegie Hall. There are a million things. Just because I’ve done certain things doesn’t mean there aren’t things that are on my wish list. Why do the farewell tour now? I feel like the only way I can explain it to you is like Michael Jordan. At some point you have to stop and it’s better to stop when you’re doing a really good job, and if you come back I’m not sure that you’re ever as good and people go: Oh, the last show was so much better. So I just don’t want to do it. I think you should stop when you’re doing it really well. I’m doing it really well. Do you think you'd ever write your memoirs? No. Not until everyone's dead. What’s the strangest fan experience you’ve ever had? I had this 250-pound drag queen come out of a brick building and run straight into me and just said, “I played you for Halloween.” I just looked at him and said, “My God, how could you?” But he was so excited, so I had to be excited with him. Do you have advice for any younger stars in the industry? The only thing I can tell them is, don’t pay any attention to what anyone says.
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