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INT: Colin Farrell


Colin Farrell is what a good actor should be. His recent work in such films as CASSANDRA’S DREAM, IN BRUGES and now PRIDE AND GLORY really stand out as an actor growing in his craft. While he had appeared in some high profile films, it is nice to see him take on movies that are a little more personal than say, MIAMI VICE.

Lately, we seem to hear a whole lot of negative about people in the news. Whether it is the campaigns or an actor or radio personality making harsh claims, it all seems to come from a very mean-spirited place. So with that, I have to say that Colin did something that was truly impressive. Throughout the day, actors doing junkets tend to sit in a room with a crew and a camera being introduced to several journalist trying to talk about their films. And Mr. Farrell was doing just that, until he decided to take a break. During that break he went out into the hallway at the Four Seasons and ended up spending some time with a young little fan with autism. It was strange because you hear about people doing nice things that make the press and you wonder if that is the reason they do it. Yet there was nothing funny or publicity seeking about this encounter, there was not a camera in sight. This was legit and spontaneous, and it left the young man very excited. This is a pretty damn decent dude, and it was refreshing to see such a positive moment. Let’s just say I was impressed.

So yeah, I really can’t say enough nice things about the guy. I was a fan of his work before I met him, but the more I have gotten to interview the man, the more I am impressed with him as a person. He is honest and extremely kind. He doesn’t talk down to you or feel in any way full of himself, and he seems very comfortable in his skin. As a performer, he has the ability to be extremely vulnerable one minute and the next, a whole lot psychotic. Just look out for the hot iron scene in PRIDE AND GLORY and you’ll see what I’m talking about. So check out Farrell, Norton and Voight this Friday when their latest opens at a theatre near you.

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