INT: Colin Farrell & Martin McDonagh

Colin Farrell has always been a fascinating actor. Oftentimes, the films are not up to par, but he is always interesting. He is one of those actors that stands out, even if the films don’t… MIAMI VICE and ALEXANDER. But he seems to really shine in more character driven films such as A HOME AT THE END OF THE WORLD, TIGERLAND, THE RECRUIT and PHONE BOOTH. And now he is back with last years CASSANDRA’S DREAM and what happens to be his best performance to date, IN BRUGES. Thankfully, writer/director Martin McDonagh who has a flair for darkly comic characters, knew exactly what makes Colin great. Thus he has made a very darkly comic and surprisingly poignant hit man dark comedy.

I got the chance to sit and chat with the two at The Four Seasons in Beverly Hills and I couldn’t have had a better time. First off, Mr. Farrell has matured not only as an actor, he has also taken on real life challenges that I salute him for. And he is the proudest of parents so good for him. The dude is not only an incredible talent, but a very decent individual. As for Martin, I really respect this guy for his work (and the fact that he seems very down to earth, as did Colin). He is a talented playwright who is able to translate his skills to the silver screen, including winning an Academy Award for Best Short Film, Live Action in 2006 for SIX SHOOTER. Together, they made a damn good film that is worth searching for. IN BRUGES opens in limited release this coming Friday and I highly recommend checking it out.

Source: JoBlo.com



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