INT: Dakota and Evans

I'd never met either Chris Evans or Dakota Fanning before today. I was actually a fan of Chris and thought he was one of the bright spots in FANTASTIC FOUR. I had a blast with CELLULAR and need I mention SUNSHINE. But to be honest, I hadn't seen much of Dakota. Sure I knew she had been in WAR OF THE WORLDS and a ton of other movies, but I really had little knowledge of her film career beforehand.

When I walked in and shook hands, I was very impressed at how down to earth Dakota was. She is a very charming girl who seems to be much more level headed than many a child actor, especially one with a resume like hers. Both she and Chris were very kind and I appreciated getting the chance to talk. I found both of their performances in PUSH to be strong, and it connected me to the story. In fact, they were a big reason why I did enjoy the film as much as I did. And you can judge for yourself as PUSH opens this Friday at a theatre near you.

Source: JoBlo.com



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