INT: Danny McBride

The first time I saw Danny McBride was back when he worked opposite David Gordon Green in ALL THE REAL GIRLS. Since then, he has exploded and has worked on a few terrific films including the much too under appreciated THE FOOT FIST WAY. In 2009, he is starring opposite Will Ferrell in THE LAND OF THE LOST. In PINEAPPLE EXPRESS, he gets to get down and vicious in one of the most fascinating fight sequences I’ve ever seen… I’m sure PINEAPPLE will be winning “Best Fight” at the MTV Movie Awards next year.

Danny is a very funny dude to interview… every time I get the opportunity to. I really like him just because he seems so comfortable and sort of unaffected by all the hoopla. But I guess the most entertaining part of the interview might have been the often used work “f*ck”. For some reason, it just came up a lot. I also enjoyed the Daewoo talk. Check Mr. McBride out this Wednesday, when PINEAPPLE EXPRESS opens at a theatre near you.

Source: JoBlo.com



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