INT: David Wain

I really enjoyed watching David Wain in the underappreciated television show "Stella". He has this cool sense of humor that is slightly quirky (okay, maybe not slightly). He also directed the equally underrated WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER. And now, he continues with the funny in a very well cast movie about an odd couple forced to become "big brothers" to impressionable youths. This could have been a much too cute PG-13 comedy that attempts to be vulgar, yet fails miserably when it finds itself in the world of hokey. But now with Wain co-writing and directing, he has made it exactly the kind of crude humor it could have been.

For some reason, the folks I met on this film were all just great. David is no exception. He really is a funny guy and we talked a lot of nonsense which is always sort of fascinating. It was a strange (in a good way) interview. And directly after my interview with him, there was a problem with his shirt on-camera (or something like that), so they changed it. Yes, I was the only interview with him wearing the problematic shirt! Exciting eh? Okay, maybe not. But luckily, ROLE MODELS is actually funny and it is coming soon to a theatre near you.

Source: JoBlo.com



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