Interview: Diego Luna from Casa de mi Padre

Diego Luna is one of the most exciting actors working today. He gained the attention of American audiences in Alfonso Cuarón’s Y TU MAMÁ TAMBIÉN and has since given a number of fantastic performances. Along with his co-star and life-long friend Gael Garcia Bernal, the two have made a number of fine films’ together since working with Cuarón in Y TU MAMÁ. This includes RUDO Y CURSI and of course, their latest, CASA DE MI PADRE, the Spanish language feature film which also stars stateside funnyman Will Ferrell.

Sitting across from Diego Luna was an extremely pleasant experience. He is an incredible talent, yet he is absolutely sincere and kind. He spoke about working with Ferrell and how excited he was to be a part of a film like CASA DE MI PADRE. In the film, he plays brother to Will and he is incredibly funny in the role. In fact, it would be hard to imagine this film working as well as it does without either Bernal or Luna… and of course, the lovely and talented Genesis Rodriguez.

CASA DE MI PADRE opens in limited release this coming Friday.

“It kind of f*ck’s up my life, you know, it ruined my career…”

Source: JoBlo.com



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