Dwayne Johnson has been everywhere lately. As the confused action hero in SOUTHLAND TALES, as Joe Kingman in THE GAME PLAN… hell, he even returned to his roots as ‘‘The Rock’ in a couple of WWE episodes for “Raw is War““. As an actor, he looks as if he is trying to stretch himself and not just stick to the regular routine. He made a brave choice to take on the much maligned TALES opposite Sarah Michelle Gellar. And while the film was far from a box office success, I appreciate someone of his stature trying to do something unique. With his latest film, GET SMART, he is returning to comedy in this update starring Steve Carell.

I’ve talked to Mr. Johnson before, and I really enjoyed the experience. And thanks again to Orna Pickens, we got the chance to speak 1 on 1 with Dwayne before a special event held at the Santa Monica Apple Store here in sunny Cali. First off, this is a damn cool guy. He comes across as just a nice guy who is incredibly well-spoken and genuinely nice. He really digs his fans and seems to be open to even talking to someone’s mother on a cell phone. I feel like Dwayne really has a great deal of respect for the folks that go see his movies and will do all he can for them. It is a tall order, and he carries it out incredibly well. And I for one am looking forward to seeing him stapling a sheet of paper to David Koechner’s head. So check out GET SMART when it hits theatres this coming June 20th and see The Dwayne in action.