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I want to see Dyllan Christopher in another 6 years. His career should soar. He is absolutely adorable, well spoken and a pleasure to listen to. He is mature, eloquent and so informative. A man trapped in a teenager’s body…..ok, ok I’ll stop now, but I certainly don’t remember the boys his age being so calm, cool and confident back in my day!

Christopher plays the awkward character Spencer who’s being followed around and nagged by his sister in this fall's UNACCOMPANIED MINORS. As the film progresses, he transforms into the cool leader (I’m not surprised!) See what he had to say about the film and his character.

Dyllan Christopher

Who is your character?

I am Spencer who is sort of an awkward kid who is being pushed around by his mom and has to drag his sister everywhere. He doesn’t like that too much but he ends up through the course of the movie becoming more self confident and becoming the leader of the group of UM.

Paul said your character is one that he can relate to. Can you talk about that.

He hasn’t talked to me about it but he’s written some books and he was sort of a dorky kid himself but now he’s sort of grown out of that but he’s still a great guy. He’s awesome, a cool guy to work with.

What’s it like working with the rest of the kids?

It’s a blast. Before this I haven’t done anything with this many kids in a show so I love it because it gives me a bunch of people around my age to hang out with between takes and we’ve all sort of grown to be a big family. It’s fun, I like it.

What kind of stunts have you done?

I have shot down a hill on a canoe, I have swung onto the back of a moving remote control golf cart and then climbed over the seat to the front seat which I love doing. Canoe was fun but it was very, very cold when we were filming that, it was like 5 degrees on the mountain when we were filming that but it was just fun because they had the canoe hooked like a side cart like a snowmobile and they just drove us down the mountain so were like aahhhh.

So you had a lot of fun filming it?

Oh yeah, it’s been a blast, it’s been great. I love it. Coming to work everyday with such awesome people, it’s a great crew, Paul is amazing, the other kids, Wilmer, everyone is a blast to work with.

Are you wearing wings?

Yes, I’m wearing flight wings and my UN badge. I think it’s a mark up not that you couldn’t tell what it is by looking at it.

Do you like that improv thing?

Oh I love it. It just gives me a good opportunity to go full on with something. I love doing that because like the other day I just started out with an ok line but then Paul said to just improv and turned try to turn into a big pep talk speech and it came out incredibly funny. It actually made the others crack up on a few takes and Paul too.

How did your career start?

Well I’ve been acting for 12 years and I’m 14. I’ve been acting since I was 2. I basically did a bunch of tv and commercials, then I was the toddler Avery on Murphy Brown, so I’ve just been acting and loving it since through tv, movies and commercials til I got this where I’ve been for the last 2 weeks and loving this. I’m planning on keeping acting for quite a while too.

How do you balance school and friends?

Well I’m home schooled and it’s a lot easier that way because I normally just go into a school once a week and pick up work and the one teacher that I do have and that I go to once a week is flexible enough to let me come out here and call her once a week instead. She’ll just tell me what my assignments are and I brought all my text books and that works for me and my friends I keep in touch with them through email and they’re all happy that I got to come out here and do this.

Where do you live?

I live in southern California. L.A.

Do you have strong memories of when you did Murphy Brown for example? DO you remember that?

I don’t remember much from that long ago? I don’t remember too much other than the last 7 years. I don’t remember much before I was 5. I remember liking it, I just remember liking acting.

You have a lot of credits like doing stuff like Without a Trace and CSI.

Those were a lot fun, those were cool. Without a Trace I got the incredible opportunity to play an autistic kid. That was great. I got to research the part and spend a day at a class for autistic kids and it was really a mind blowing experience to be able to do that. That came out really well. I liked that. Then CSI I was dead. They were trying to find out how I died. It was CSI original in Las Vegas. I died in a dryer.

Do you wish you were in school with other kids your age?

I just got the call last week that I got into prep high school so that has a lot of kids so that will be fun. I do sort miss it so I’m going to be going to a real high school. It’s a private high school.

Are you going to take a break from acting?

I’m going to be acting as much as I can. I’m going to fit it in around school work. I’ll make it all work. I love doing this. This is what I love.

Do you like doing dramas or comedy more?

Both are great. I love comedy because it’s just lose. What I love is getting a reaction from the audience whether it’s laughing or crying or anything. I like comedy because it’s also upbeat. It keeps people happy. I love making people laugh.

Who are some of the actors you look up to?

I like Johnny Depp because in everything he does he’s a different character so I love that. It’s a great way to be and definitely one of the actors I want to meet first and I really look up to him.

Which of your costars is most like their character?

I think I’m a lot like my character other than my parents aren’t divorced and I don’t have a little sister. As far as my actual feelings and all that inner deep stuff I think I’m alot like him. As for the rest, they’re not like their character in person but when they get on camera they become the person fairly well. Wilmer’s kind of a dork but he does pretty well.

Was there anybody you were excited to be working with?

The entire cast is great. They’re all great actors that I like seeing and working with. I’m excited to work with Rob Corddry. He plays my dad and he’s hilarious both on camera and off. Wilmer of course. He would have been awesome to meet and he is.

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