INT: Gary Oldman

Yep, the fanboy in me is at it again. This is freaking Gary Oldman. I’m talking SID AND NANCY, TRACK 29 (I really dug that flick), STATE OF GRACE, JFK, DRACULA, TRUE ROMANCE, THE PROFESSIONAL… I really could go on and on. He is one of my very favorite actors and he has been for quite some time. After seeing SID AND NANCY, on the big screen no less, I made sure to see everything the guy was in long after. At this point, I missed a few, but I was wonderfully happy to see him not only in BATMAN BEGINS, but THE DARK KNIGHT. Is he good? Well of course.

When I walked in his room, frankly I was a little nervous. Especially since the nature of these interviews had a serious tone for the most part. But Gary happened to be incredibly upbeat and very funny. I walked in and geeked out just a little bit… you know… ‘big fan of your work…’ yada, yada, yada. But he really was respectful and just seemed to be the kind of gent I hoped he would be. Although I warn you… he does offer a couple of very possible spoilers… so watch the video at your own risk. But it’s Gary Oldman and he is a blast to listen to. Once again, as if I need to say this, THE DARK KNIGHT opens this Friday at a theatre near you. Check it out, and see a wonderful ensemble of actors in action.

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