INT: Greg Mottola & Martin Starr

I remember when I first saw THE DAYTRIPPERS. I hadn’t heard much about it, and I knew very little about the films director, Greg Motolla. But I loved the film, and when I saw SUPERBAD, I was truly impressed with the man. With ADVENTURELAND, he brings some of the warmth he had with Daytrippers and mixes it with the humor of Superbad. The final product happens to be one of my favorite films so far this year (yeah, it’s early, I know).

The film also co-stars the incredibly funny Martin Starr. This is the guy that many will relate to and he is played with humor and sincerity. Alongside a very talented cast, he steals quite a few scenes as the likeable nerd who is much deeper than most of the other Adventureland employees.

When I sat down with Greg and Martin, I had to ask about the music. This is one of the most entertaining soundtracks I’ve heard in awhile. From Falco to The Replacements, it really adds to the nostalgia of the film which takes place in 1987. This is a personal story which takes a simple tale and turns it into a very layered portrayal of surviving that first job. You know, the one that really sucks, but you still find something redeeming buried in it. I highly recommend you look for Adventureland this coming Friday, it is absolutely worth a look.

Source: JoBlo.com



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