INT: Heath Ledger

Riding the wave from Oz to Hollywood in the late 90’s, Heath Ledger stole teenage hearts while displaying his talent in films like 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU, PATRIOT, and A KNIGHT’S TALE. However, while the handsome and somewhat reserved Aussie continued impressing audiences, he fast-tracked to stardom with his outstanding (and often spoofed) performance in 2005’s BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. Ledger is currently filming the highly anticipated role of Joker in THE DARK NIGHT but first, he embodies one of the seven stages of Bob Dylan’s life in Todd Haynes’ upcoming biopic, I’M NOT THERE.

In Ledger’s portrayal of Dylan, the versatile star morphs into Robbie, a NY actor and motorcycle enthusiast who endures many trials and tribulations in love and marriage. His impersonation is remarkable as he illustrates his struggle to balance a private life and fame. I had the great pleasure of sitting down with Ledger last week in NYC to discuss his interpretation of Dylan in this extraordinary biography, his representation of the legend’s life and working with the visionary director Todd Haynes. Sporting a long, shaggy do, he seemed levelheaded, friendly yet a bit fidgety as he zoned in on different focal points with each reply. Getting him to dish on THE DARK KNIGHT was even tougher. See for yourself what he had to say.

Source: JoBlo.com



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